Xplosion Bats

Training with a heavy bat increases your bat speed without altering your mechanics.

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Xplosion Bats

       In high school and college I played baseball, soccer and basketball. I was smaller but was very competitive and I would try to gain an advantage anyway I could. I would run 5 miles after practice. I would come in 30 minutes before practice and stay 30 minutes after practice just to get more time on the field, but I still wanted more.

       One day, my dad built me a weighted bat. It was simply a pipe full of lead and weighed about 55 oz. I would swing this 500 times a night after practice. I would often swing it with one arm at a time.

       When I got to college my coaches and team mates noticed that I had a really quick swing, which helped my batting average to be over .300.

       I recently developed a special heavy bat for the fast pitch softball teams that I coach. At the beginning of the season my players were getting struck out and getting base hits. After training with Xplosion bats my players began hitting doubles, triples and home runs.

       I consulted with former major league baseball players and with there help, created a work out program. I began collecting data with competition ball players, we started seeing their exit velocity increase 3-15mph in just three weeks!

       Now it’s your chance to blow up the competition with Xplosion bats!

How Xplosion Bats Help

Increased Bat Speed

Increased Strength

Increased Hip Speed

Improves motion quality

Better position trainer (helps you stay athletic)

Improves barrel control gap to gap

Stronger Top hand (money hand) whip speed to pull the ball better


     "Amazing bats that are just so amazing"
-Jamie Walker